Floor Berkhout

Leven Lang Ontwikkelen, 2021

Illustration and development infographic.

thebrandcompany.nl, 2021

Web design and development in HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript. Hosted and managed through WordPress.

The Brand Company is a Rotterdam based commercial sales agency operating in the Benelux. I have designed and developed the website for The Brand Company as a full product manageable by the company itself. The website is a business card, displaying the core activities of the company and the brands they represent. The website is fully adjustable by the company, allowing them to add, delete and modify brands they represent, the pictures of their showroom and company information.

Taskforce Fashion Rotterdam, 2021

Exhibition production.

Taskforce Fashion is a research-based and multidisciplinary partnership between three Dutch fashion platforms: FASHIONCLASH, M-ODE and State of Fashion. In co-creation with Dutch fashion talent and in dialogue with industries and sectors other than fashion, Taskforce Fashion investigates the transformative role fashion can play in relation to social challenges. In 2020, Taskforce Fashion launched its second experiment, in collaboration with 15 designers and the municipalities of Maastricht, Rotterdam and Tilburg: Residency for Responsible Fashion.

The Municipality of Rotterdam invited five designers of Taskforce Fashion, Juris Efneris, Bobbine Berden, Kalkidan Hoex, Lisanne Janssen and Lena Winterink, to investigate a neighborhood. In this neighborhood, the Oude Noorden, a huge divide between inhabitants with different backgrounds, educations and incomes is rapidly emerging because of gentrification. Rather than focusing on overcoming differences between inhabitants, the designers chose to focus their research on ways to find shared values and stories instead. With fashion & identity as a base, they seek for common ground and connections between longtime residents and newcomers.

Find the results of the Residency for Responsible Fashion presented in De Wasserij here, together with the aftermovie by Steve Iseger.

#leesjelabels, 2021

Self produced, edited, developed as part of graduation at Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

#leesjelabels (#checkyourtag) is a Dutch campaign concept for young people, by young people.
The concept consists of episodes in which the tags inside clothing get researched and interpreted to make clear why it is important to know what is hanging in your closet and to create transparency about the complex fashion industry. Changing starts with knowing what is hanging in your closet.

Find the full concept here.

Christmas at De Wasserij, 2020

Production, editing

During my internship at De Wasserij in Rotterdam I have created a series of videos to promote the products of the residents of De Wasserij in the run up to Christmas. This Project is in collaboration with Eva Swaters Media. 

De series of videos is posted on the social media of De Wasserij and the participating residents.

Groetjes van Kees, 2020 

Web development, communication.

Groetjes van Kees is a Dutch mediaplatform which launches yearly campaigns about urgent matters. The goal is to spread information and thoughts by approaching the matters in a low-profile and fun way.
The first campaign consists of a guerrilla action with selling and spreading stickers and posters saying ‘sla is sexy’ (‘lettuce is sexy’). The campaign wants to put a positive and attractive spin on vegetarianism. The earnings have been donated to Wakker Dier and Extinction Rebellion.

When I close my eyes, 2020

Programming, sound visualisation

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Triptych, 2019

Event management, event production
Management team Exhibition & Fashion Show

Triptych is an event based on experimentation and making a change. The second-year Design, Management and Branding students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute come together to create their vision of the future. A future, where nature takes over the earth again, old meets new and blends into one harmonic whole called SPHEROIDITE. In 2030 we envision the world to be a melting pot of cultures, diversity and traditions without any physical or mental disconnections. No borders- one tribe.

This vision has been shown in a fashion show on January 23, 2019, in OSCAM. During the event, each team showcased their vision through three outfits, a short fashion film and a stand. Next to the fashion event, the outcomes of that year’s triptych have been displayed in an exhibition in OSCAM for a week.

Trek, 2019

Concept- and web development, programming

Trek is a concept for a web application on which a user can follow the journey that a product makes, from raw material until final product. It enhances the relationship between buyer and garment by portraying the garment as a valuable creature that lives on this earth and has had a life already, rather than a throw-away product. It lets a customer search on an article number. It then shows the route it has taken until the point of sale. It lets a brand register its brand and add products and locations. Making use of the brands information and leaflet/ openstreetmaps API.

To make us all a little more aware that garments are produced by many hands and have sometimes travelled more than we did and that we have to treasure that. After all, changing an industry starts with knowing the industry.

Studio April, 2019

Production, concept development
Photoshoot, editorials, videos

In the second year of AMFI, together with Milembe Horb, Chatty Arts, Michael Geertzen and Kelsey Kupper, I have created a brand concept called Studio April. The brand offers a monthly magazine that features a specific body part. 

The concept conveys that our body is a shield. We have to use it our whole lives. It protects us from outside influences and makes us recognizable to everyone around us. Every body is exceptional and is a reflection of everything we have experienced.
The birth of your child, that one time you tripped so hard that it needed six stitches. And many are confronted with terrible diseases that leave unerasable traces on the body.
This is what makes us who we are. Our bodies are where our story begins. We see a limitless value in it that deserves an ode at the very least.
Studio April offers customizable lingerie for women who possess a big table of contents of life experience.